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Mixture of Dreams

Mixture of Dreams: Part Eleven (TV Edition)

The Giant wanted to watch some TV, so he put on Stranger Things. Netflix binging underway, as he played with his Bachelor ring. The Giant watched the weird monsters come out and play. The show reminded him of Game of Thrones – not knowing who’s gonna stay. The creatures are very ugly, looking like aliens from Mars. Except they’re no Veronica, who’s badass and Hulu’s new star.

Sleepy Hollow was near, and the tired, big-hearted Giant thought he’d lose his head. What a Scandal that would be, so it was time for bed.

This Giant closed his eyes, with amazing dreams and no sorrow. Sweet dreams and goodnight wonderful writers – you literary Legends of Tomorrow!

Mixture of Dreams: 1 – 10 Crossover Addition

Hoo hooooo, the Owl flew over the Giant’s beanstalk, watching the festivities take place.

The Giant’s hills are alive, with the sound of music. Everyone was so fluid, and very lucid! Dancing was Old MacDonald and Ms. Mary Mack, with her little lamb eating snacks. Jack and Jill were playing in the water, having a marvelous time. Ariel got to show her fins, which amazed Optimus Prime. The Three Little Pigs and the Five Jumping Monkeys were all eating the tasty porridge; telling a story of trapping a wolf, in Lil Red Riding Hood’s storage. The disco lights and the music had the Big Hearted Giant moving in rhythm. His colorful tunic flying around, looking like a giant prism.

The guests were enjoying themselves, as the sun went down. Humpty Dumpty stayed away from the wall, yet still found himself on the ground. The Giant’s palace had a decorated roomful. Baa Baa Black Sheep, even helped decorate with wool.

Twilight’s here, with Bella and Edward handing out blue violets and red roses. Pockets were full of posies, with beautiful scents filling the noses.

The Giant thanked his guests for coming, though the festivities must come to an end. He was very thankful, to have such animated friends.

Everyone climbed down the beanstalk, back into town. There goes ol’ Jack falling, and breaking his crown. The Giant didn’t laugh this time, instead going to bed. He was exhausted, with clouds surrounding his head.

So long, farewell Auf Wiedersehen, adieu. This Giant, wishes sweet dreams with love, to each and everyone of you!

Mixture of Dreams Part Ten

Jolly Green Giant, it’s night time again. The Giant was wondering if he’d get a visit from Peter Pan. The big hearted Giant wasn’t in the lost boy category, but he surely wanted to tell a good toy story. Maybe he’d get a visit from Stuart Little? Though Stuart was probably scared of the cat and the fiddle. Either way, hickory dickory dock, the mouse wasn’t running up this clock.

The Giant decided to call it a night. He gazed upon the twinkle twinkle little stars in sight. Off he drifted, with his dreams playing peekaboo. Good night you wonderful writers, this giant, hopes that good dreams are blessed upon all of you.

Mixture of Dreams Part Nine

Hello literary friends! Mr. Giant was ready for bed, though his bed started to suspend.

The Giant decided to ask his pal for tools, hoping that everything would be cool.

“Baa baa black sheep have you any wool?” The Giant sighed. “Yes sir, yes sir.” The Sheep replied. The Giant was ecstatic, receiving three bags full. He went back into his home, sleepy and all. Fixing his bed, tired and ready to fall. The Giant jumped into his bed, feeling very cosy. Thinking about roses, with pockets full of posies.

Away the Giant’s mind went, going round and round. His spirit soaring, all through the town. The Giant’s dreams were now stout, with his comprehensive teapot being poured out. Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite, you wonderful writers! This Giant, hopes that no one has to pull any overnighters.

Mixture of Dreams Part Eight

It’s that time again, all my literary friends. Mr. Giant is teleporting, into mysteriously, groovy lands. Given magical red shoes, to teleport around. Really wanting, to hear musical sounds. *DING* The Giant appears on stage, dancing to “Survivor.” Destiny’s Child, bringing the house down like a WWF, or E, pile driver. No, literally, the stage begin to crash. Too much rockin’, like Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

The Giant teleported again, this time to a land dressed in all black. Though wait, that’s usually reserved for Ms. Mary Mack, Mack, Mack. 🎶 He teleported again, this time on a yellow brick road. Somewhere over the rainbow, where his red shoes were bestowed. Glinda magically appeared, who blessed him the shoes. The Giant thanked her, happy that he sang the blues.

*DONG* The Giant found himself at home, it’s the rhythm of the night. Letting his excitement breathe, so his mind rests in delight. Though the party will live on, it’s that time for bed. This Giant, hopes that all of you wonderful writers, are enchanted with soothing dreams ahead.

Mixture of Dreams Part Siete

The Giant rocks in the tree top, all day long. He was getting drowsy, time to change that song. The “itsy bitsy” Giant went up the water spout, down came the rain, and knocked the Giant out. He looked around embarrassed, hoping no one was near. He tried to “play it off,” releasing a laughing tear. The Giant decided to call it a night, it was pretty early. He headed back to his treetop, with a knot so burly.

It was back to rock-a-bye Giant, on the bean-stock tree top. Having a sense of deja vu, already seeing this backdrop. He laid on his iron bed, his essence drifting into idyll. This Giant, wants all of your dreams, to be colorfully vital.

Mixture of Dreams Part Six

It means no worries, for the rest of your days. The big-hearted Giant, has just woken up, from an enchanted phase. An unusual prince, he appeared to be. Beautiful colors of the wind, he could see. With cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels…magic carpets flying, and Cruella De Vil with a poodle. The Giant was truly at awe, with his new colorful palace. A unique land of wonder, he met a friend named Alice. They traveled through a rabbit hole, to reach the Pride Lands. What fun they both had, visiting the stunning motherland.

As the Giant woke up, with a big smile on his face. He was surrounded by mandrills, all in his place. Five little monkeys, jumping on the bed. “Hmmmm…..” The Giant thought, “did I hit my head?”

He looked around, and saw a little rabbit hole. He woke up AGAIN, wait, not this loophole. The moon was still high, illuminating with light. It was still the wonderfully mysterious night. He closed his eyes, dozing into wonder. This Giant, hopes that all of you wonderful writers, have a great slumber.

Mixture of Dreams Part Five

Once upon a time, Nun opened the oceans. Water at last, even Poseidon helped put things in motion.

A whole new world, now in the present. Tales of the Crypt, JUST KIDDING, not in this segment. The Giant played with Ariel and Water Nixie, who came from under the sea. It’s the circle of life, and they were all free. Ariel had gadgets, and Nixie had gizmos. The Giant had a sack of beans, ready to grow. A giant, mermaid, and nix, enjoying the bare necessities. This was life, and old Mother Nature’s recipes. They splashed and laughed, with whirls of water. They even decided, to decorate the Ocean Gods altar. They bid farewells, it was the senescent of night. Part of their world, it was so bright.

The Giant was exhausted, jumping in his bed. Dreams soon came about, filling his head. He dreamed of water bending, on the canoe. All he needed was Avatar Aang, apart of this crew. Sweet dreams, goodnight, and ciao, my friends. This Giant, is about to transcend.

Mixture of Dreams Part Four

knock. Knock. KNOCK. The Giant heard at the door. Who is it, he asked? “It’s the Three Little Pigs, and we’re bored.” The Giant let them in, from out of the forrest. Large, medium and small, he fixed them some porridge. They ate and laughed, and told funny stories. Something about the Pigs being a wolf’s quarries. The Giant told them about the wolf in the woods. And how… he ate Lil Red Riding Hood. The Pigs looked in fear, and wanted to call it a night. The Giant offered a ride in the Nautilus boat, it was only right.

*Row…*row..*row..the boat, gently down the stream. Three Pigs and a Giant, wow, they were quite the team. They passed Londons bridge, which was falling down. Finally arriving, in old Storybrook town. Straw, sticks and bricks, their houses appear. Fee-fi-fo-fum, The Giant sensed night was near.

The Giant bid farewell, and left the old town’s road. He was so tired, he could kiss a toad. He had a lot of fun, it was stellar. To his surprise, being quite the storyteller. The Giant got home, and went straight for his bed. And soon he was out, like the horseman’s head. The exhausted Giant, dreamed of flying sabers of light. Sweet dreams you all, this Giant, wants you all to have a wonderful night.

Mixture of Dreams Part Tres

The hills are alive, with the sound of music. The Giant jumped for joy, wearing his colorful tunic. He sang and danced, with expressions of charm. Even wandering, to Old MacDonald’s farm. The Giant saw the chickens, and they clucked with a bam. Mary clapped along, with her beautiful little lamb. Bella and Edward, appeared in sight. Twilight was here, and so comes night.

The Giant went home, filled with joy and wonder. He felt so powerful, almost like Zeus’ thunder. It was a whole new world, that he got to be apart of. This Giant…may of even fallen in love. Bedtime it was, as he jumped in the bed. Hush little Giant, he thought in his head. Dreams came about, sunshines of grey. He slept happily, hoping this feeling, never goes away.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu. Sweet dreams my friends, sending much love to all of you.