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Growth Part Two

The need of chapters to evolve. The want of pages to involve. Wanting to become something different. Needing to provoke something whispering.

Change the season. Change the scene. A chance to alter the inner reason. A chance to alter the outer routine.

Something that’s physically similar, mentally peculiar, and spiritually familiar. A rebirth, or another growth.

Sink the Cronus vessel and drown the past. Rise, Zeus ship, and the future cast.

The evolution of a role, growing from a thought. Growth of a soul, and the evolving, of a louder plot.

Mixture of Dreams Part 19 Special Halloween Edition

It’s Halloween night, and all the spooks have come about. It’s like Thirteen Ghosts all over again, spookiness breaking out. The Giant went on a stroll down ol’ Elm street, in Halloweentown. The Giant hoped to get some candy, before Nightfall came around. He spotted Twitches, witches, and a Pinhead, that probably needed stitches. There was Casper, Twilight’s Jasper, and even, some familiar slashers.

The Giant ran into his friends, Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. How goes thee? The Giant asked. The pair looked sideways, pondering, with their classic masks. He bid them farewells, as they kept lookin’. Maybe, he thought, it’s because of his costume- Vampire in Brooklyn:

The Giant got a basket full of candy corn, from the Children of the Corn. He got his much needed candy, and now, he was ready for a snore. He headed home, tired from his spine-chilling day. It was time for The Conjuring of some dreams, with no sudden delay.

Good night and Happy Halloween, you Shining Writers! This Giant, hopes that any frightening dreams, are captured by the night-lighters!

Stages of the Ages

It starts off warm with love, and through love comes the cool pain. It’s a lane that sometimes bring rain.

Though, guess what? It’s only a stage.

Pain is the beginning of life. From pain, birth happens. The pain feels everlasting. You long for the hurt to end. It doesn’t feel like it’ll ever stop.

Though, guess what? It’s only a stage.

The joy is born, and a new stage begins. The beauty of joy feels complete.

Though, guess what? It’s only a stage.

Ups and downs. Standing tall or bowing on the ground. The ladder of stages are universal. Our battles are forever dispersal.

Guess what, though? The stage is meant to perform.

Enter the relay. Become the star in the play. What would be a great title?

The Stages of Ages.

Starring: The Leading Pages.


Why so much hate? We live in a world that is at constant war. Is peace real? Maybe for some, though for others, it’s a constant battle. It even gets around, and it travels.

The thought of peace. The calmness in a dream. The tranquility when peace clings. To say the least, that union has a ring. Please, let harmony sing!

Preach – praying, can peace be a thing?!

I yearn for it. I’d fight for it. I’ll even die for it. It’ll be worth the truce after it.

Peace, be still!

Could the beauty of the sea be sheer? Would the breathable air be clear? Should the beaming Earth be a neutral peer?

Shall the unbearable fire cleanse the insincere?

Please…let peace be near. ☮️







The fountain of life flows through our bodies. It’s not something we can hide from. We’re born with the flow of it. A gift to keep us awake. The love from Heaven’s safe.

It’s a multilayered system. It’s the color of liquid crystals. A liquid system.

It’s memories running down our cheeks. It’s the nectar from our beaks.

The physical waves that survives. Pouring puddles of lives. Colorful bodies – the tides.

It’s the gift of life. A Ganymede that attracts eagles. Land mermaids – the walking sea of people.

Dear blessed Fountain, thanks for making us your regals. 🙏🏽


Words are very powerful. Whenever we speak, whenever we tell a story, we are casting literary allusions. Your emotions may feel inclusive, yet the words could portray delusion.

It’s fun learning multiple words for literary casting. Like being casted in roles that are small, or everlasting.

Same words may mean different things. Kneeling down on one knee, with jewelry, or maybe the phone rings. Maybe a story with good tea, without the beverage drink. Beautiful sounds to hear. With lovely waves coming from near or over here. Get what I mean? An average scene, with a powerful routine.

Words are powerful. Every letter is very colorful. Literary allusions, very superstructural. Cultures full of literary art are magnifying, and wonderful!

Mixture of Dreams Part 18 (TV Edition)

Whoa, what a day it was! A day full of games with assembled love. The Giant went on a big stroll through the Greenleaf woods. Only to run into marvelous heroes of good. It was a mystique set of events. The Giant ran into the Avengers, and Spiderman, who was in a webby tent.

The Giant was excited to meet The Avengers, having met other superheroes a few weeks ago. It was like being in a Disney movie, with amazing scenes to show. There was Thor, with his divine hammer, and The Hulk, who was silent with a green temper. Captain America with his shiny shield, and Quicksilver, running fast through the mightiest fields. It was magical!

After a day of games and laughter, Nightfall came about. It was time The Giant went home, and took the much needed sleep route. He thanked The Avengers for a super time! A day full of fun, and tales that shine. The Giant got home and hopped straight into bed. More cloudy adventures overtook his sleeping head.

Goodnight and sweet dreams, Legendary Writers! This Giant, hopes that you all get everything that your heart desires!